California Printable Individual Income Tax 540 2EZ Form PDF File

April 2, 2012

With just over two weeks left to file both Federal and State income taxes it will be the case that many scramble to find the tax forms needed over the next few days.  Those that live in California will likely seek the California printable individual income 540 2EZ form PDF file.  Luckily the website offers all forms needed for free online.  For all forms that are needed to file Federal income taxes bookmark the following page: Federal IRS Tax Forms.

Below you will find several links that should help to file individual income taxes in the state of California:

540 2EZ PDF Fill in Form
540 PDF Fill in Form
540NR (Long) PDF Fill in Form

There are many more forms available on the website but these are the most commonly used.  If you plan on filing without an accountant it might be a good choice to use the fill in options so you do not have to hand write the forms.  As penmanship continues to decline it gets harder and harder to fill out several hundred lines of tax codes.  It will also make it much easier on those who work for the state on California.  This is one of the many reasons that states continue to offer more and more fill in PDF files for taxpayers.

Make a mental note that many online tax preparation companies are more than willing to help individual file both Federal and State income taxes.  Rather than trying to do it all independently some may benefit from the help options provided by Turbo Tax, H&R Block or Liberty Tax.  Taxpayers may even find that many features on these particular websites are completely free.  Please realize that they will eventually try to push some type of product out to customers but this does not mean that you have to accept the offer.  Sometimes taxpayers can reap the rewards of the free resources which will allow them to file independently armed with their new knowledge.

Tax Accountant Options in California

When seeking help in the state of California most taxpayers will use the Internet to find a reputable, yet affordable, accountant.  Not all accountants will work best for your situation so it would be smart to call around and keep your options open.  It might also be a good decision to look for individuals with a degree from a reputable university or college.  Here are some of the more popular accounting degree programs in CA:

These are not the only colleges and universities to offer an accounting degree in the state of California but these are some of the more recognizable names. Before signing up with an accountant I would make sure to ask them where they got their degree. If they cannot prove where they go their degree then it might be best to move on to an alternative.

Deadline to File in 2012 Extended

This year taxpayers will have an opportunity to get a few extra days to file their Federal and State income taxes.  April 15th will fall on a Sunday and the following Monday will be a government holiday.  This means that taxpayers get two extra days to file their taxes.  All Federal and state taxes are due on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012.  Even though we get two extra days it is still imperative to get started sooner rather than later.  The stress levels will simply increase every day that this deadline gets closer.  You may even find that you have issues you thought would never arise causing you to be late in your filing.  By starting early you will be able to alleviate or completely avoid all of these undue stresses.

The website has done an amazing job of offering help and PDF files of tax forms needed.  Here are some resources I created to help those looking for the most basic forms:

All of the forms you could ever need are currently available on the website.  Make a note that the forms to file in April 2012 will be 2011 IRS tax forms.  Sometimes it is very hard for people to remember that we will be filing 2011 taxes in the year of 2012.  Check out the FAQ website on as well as this should help with any questions you may have.

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