Pennsylvania Printable Individual Income Tax Form PA 40 PDF File

April 2, 2012

With just a few weeks left until taxes are due it is the case that more and more hard working individuals are looking to complete this process ASAP.  Those in the state of Pennsylvania will likely seek the individual income tax form PA 40 to finish up both state and federal income taxes before the April 17th, 2012 deadline.  Luckily, all the tax forms needed to file in Pennsylvania are available online for free.  For all forms that are needed to file Federal income taxes bookmark the following page: Federal IRS Tax Forms.

Here are the links that should be very helpful for Pennsylvania Income Tax Payers:

PA 40 PDF File
PA 40 Tax Booklet PDF File

Most taxpayers in the state of Pennsylvania will file a PA 40 but if you are seeking any other type of printable tax form make sure to check out the website.  This resource offers every single tax form needed no matter what your occupation or financial status.  This could be a very useful resource to bookmark for future use.  Make a mental note that 2011 tax forms will be used to file in the spring of 2012.  The tax forms that will be needed for next year will be updated accordingly by the Pennsylvania State website.

If you are seeking an accountant or someone to help with tax preparation then it might be a good idea to look for someone with a very reputable college degree.  Here are some of the Universities and colleges in the state of Pennsylvania that offer a degree in accounting:

Accounting Degrees in Pennsylvania

This is a short list of the bigger universities and colleges that offer some type of accounting program. It would not be a bad decision to contact some of these schools to see if there are any juniors or seniors who would like some experience with the tax code. You may be able to get a free accountant out of this particular type of deal. Note that they will be learning just as much as you so you might want a professor or doctor at the college to look over the final version of your taxes. Most college students are very thorough but you do not want to have issues in the future.

Online Tax Preparation Help

Over the last several years millions of Americans have accepted that online tax preparation is the easiest way to file taxes.  Some of the big names include Turbo Tax, TaxAct, Tax Slayer and H&R Block.  I made a list of free IRS eFile Tax Prep Companies that will help you pick out a reputable source that will work best for your current situation.  Doing a little bit of homework on Google will help you figure out which tax prep company is worth the money.  Remember that there are many free products but they will often push their premier products before you wish to finish the eFile process.

Pennsylvania offers free printable tax forms but they also offer the PA Direct File system that is 100% free.  For individuals looking to save some cash by doing it themselves it might be a good idea to read up on this current system.  Here are a few links that should be helpful for those looking to continue their research before April 17th, 2012:

Using Google and finding some other resources would be helpful to those that are still confused about the online process.  Note that there are still many opportunities to file through the US Postal Service so do not feel as if you have to file online in the early part of 2012.  If you are still uncomfortable with a computer and the Internet then it might be a good choice to print out the documents and fill them out yourself.  This will give you the peace of mind knowing that you will have done it the way you have always done it in the past.

Additional Tax Filing Help

If you are filing a PA 40 then it is also likely the case that you will be filing a 1040 or 1040A with the Federal government.  Here are some resources I have created to help common American taxpayers find Federal Income tax forms:

I am still updating many states and Federal documents so continue to check back until April 17th, 2012.  After the deadline to file taxes I will start to create resources to help those who did not file on time.  Taxes can be filed year round but it is always a good idea to file them before the deadline.  This will save a lot of time and money in the long run.  It will also make your life much less stressful.

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