Georgia Tax Form 500 Individual Income Return Printable PDF File

April 4, 2012

With less than two weeks to file both state and Federal income taxes it comes as little surprise that many Georgia residents are looking for the GA Tax Form 500.  The Georgia Tax Form 500 Individual income return is the state equivalent to the 1040.  Most individuals in the state of Georgia will need to file some type of 500 tax form for their 2011 taxes.  For all forms that are needed to file Federal income taxes bookmark the following page: Federal IRS Tax Forms.

Below you will find links to the most commonly used state tax forms for Georgia:

Georgia Tax Form 500
Georgia Tax Form 500EZ
Georgia Tax Form IT560

By accessing the following link Georgia residents will be able to find all printable tax forms for 2011 – Georgia Printable Tax Forms at

Remember that taxes are due on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012.  April 15th falls on a Sunday this year and the following Monday will be a government holiday.  Even though taxpayers will be given two extra days to file their taxes it would still be smart to get started very soon.  Taxpayers do not want to deal with high stress levels when thousands and possibly tens of thousands of dollars are involved.

Valuable Tax Resources Provided by the Georgia State Government offers many valuable links that should help taxpayers better understand how to efficiently file in 2012.  It is very important for all taxpayers to remember that you will file 2011 income taxes in the spring of 2012.  The tax year 2012 is just getting started so you will not file those income taxes until the spring of 2013.  To make things much easier, just subtract one from the current year and you will know what taxes you are filing.  Here are some good resources that should help you file 2011 taxes:

All of these links are very helpful but it could take you quite a bit of time to read through all the information.  It might be best to scan and find out exactly what you need.  If you are not in a rush to get your taxes filed then I would advise reading through most of these websites.  It will help educate taxpayers for future tax returns.  Even if taxes have already been filed it would be a good choice to continue to research ways to make the process much easier.

Filing Both State and Federal Income Taxes For Free Online

If you are going to be filing a GA 500 tax form then it is very likely that you will be filing tax forms as well.  To see if you qualify to file for free through make sure to check out this link.  The general rule of thumb is that you must have an adjusted gross income (AGI) under $57,000 to file Federal Government tax forms for free online.  This is not always the case but it is often true.  Rather than making any assumptions the best decision would be to take advantage of the link provided above.

Some of the resources that should help you file both state and Federal tax forms at no cost include:

  • Average 1040
  • e-smart tax
  • H&R Block
  • Intuit Tax Freedom Project by Turbo Tax
  • Tax Hawk
  • TaxSlayer
  • Federal Free File Alliance

This does not include every name but it has the more popular sources.  I recently created this list to help Federal income tax filers find resources that are supported by the IRS.

Finding Tax Help in Georgia

Georgia has thousands of CPAs and hundreds of thousands of college students that can be very helpful in the tax filing process.  Under the Georgia State Government Resources tab I put in a link for the Georgia Society of CPAs.  This would be a great place to start the search for a new accountant.  Please remember that you do not have to be married to your current accountant.  If you are finding it difficult to get his or her attention then it might be best to move on to another helpful individual.  These accountants usually make the bulk of their money during the first four months out of the year so they should be more than willing to be available to all customers.

Note that some accountants have many more customers than others.  If you have to schedule weeks in advance to simply talk to your accountant then it might be worthwhile to contact some of the local colleges and universities to see if there are recent grads that can help.  Most recent graduates are looking for new customers and clients so you might be able to get a great accountant at an affordable price.  If never hurts to call and ask.

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