North Carolina Printable D-400 with TC Individual Income Tax Form PDF File

April 5, 2012

We are now less than two weeks away from the deadline to file both state and federal government taxes.  Residents in the state of North Carolina are going to seek out the printable NC D-400 with TC individual forms to complete the entire tax filing process by April 17th, 2012.  Remember there is a D-400 with Tax Credits and a D-400 without Tax Credits.  Taxpayers will have to decide which one will work best for their current situation.  For all forms that are needed to file Federal income taxes bookmark the following page: Federal IRS Tax Forms.

Below are the links to some of the most commonly used NC tax forms for individuals:

NC D-400 with TC
NC D-400 without TC
Individual Income Tax Instructions for Form D-400 Booklet

These are the most used forms for individuals living in the state of North Carolina but you can access this link to find all the forms provided be the NC State government.

Avoid Penalties by Filing Early in 2012

There is no prepayment penalty when it comes to state and federal income taxes.  In fact, it is often encouraged to file income taxes sooner rather than later.  Most individuals who end up waiting until the last minute to file taxes cause themselves undue stress.  During stressful situations it is very easy to mess up numbers.  When income taxes are involved it would not be a good idea to miss a decimal place.  This could cause some hard working Americans to have to pay the Federal or state government tens of thousands of dollars extra.  Luckily, there are plenty of resources available online that will help NC Taxpayers start the filing process well before April 17th, 2012.

Here are some of the better resources I was able to find:

Contact Your Local Tax Office in North Carolina
Locations Include:

  • Asheville
  • Charlotte
  • Durham
  • Fayetteville
  • Greensboro
  • Greenville
  • Hickory
  • Raleigh
  • Wilmington
  • Winston-Salem Tax Help Article
North Carolina State Income Tax Calculator
Frequently Asked Questions about NC State Taxes
North Carolina Renewable Energy Tax Credit
History of State and Local Taxes in North Carolina
Financial and Tax Incentives in North Carolina
North Carolina Tax Credits

All of these resources have been very helpful to me in the past few years and I would imagine that they will be helpful to you as well.  If you are strapped for time and you are simply looking to file taxes then I would suggest printing out the Fill-In tax forms.  If you have a little bit of extra time then I would suggest taking about an hour each evening to read some of these resources.  You will be shocked how much you can educate yourself on tax issues.  It may allow you to start helping your friends and family file taxes in the very near future.

Seniors Looking to File Taxes Online

Each and every year more and more Americans file taxes on a computer over the Internet.  One demographic that has struggled to adapt to technology is seniors.  Some seniors have been using paper forms and booklets for decades and they do not have the desire to learn how to file online.   There are still paper forms that are available but the IRS is no longer mailing out tax booklets.  Some seniors may get a bit confused when they do not receive a booklet in the mail.  Simply go to and do a little bit of browsing and you will find all the forms you could ever need.  Here are some of the resources I came up with back in January of 2012:

I would also suggest using some of these resources as they do a great job of explaining options for seniors seeking assistance:

Once again, if you have a few extra days and hours to do some research I would suggest checking out all of these articles.  All of the resources are well written and from reputable sources.  When getting information on the Internet it is always a good idea to make certain that you are getting the answers from a reputable source.  One way to do this is to Google the name of the website.  If the name of the website does not come up in the Google search results that is not a good sign.  You will also be able to find some great reviews of the more popular websites.  When your money is involved it is always important to complete due diligence.


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