Minnesota Printable Individual Income Tax Return Form M1 PDF File

April 9, 2012

With just one week left to file state and federal taxes millions of Americans are seeing their stress levels rise.  Those in the state of Minnesota will likely be seeking the printable individual income tax return form M1 PDF file online.  The taxes.state.mn.us website offers all tax forms needed at no cost.  For all forms that are needed to file Federal income taxes bookmark the following page: Federal IRS Tax Forms.

The most commonly downloaded PDF tax forms in Minnesota are as follows:

MN Income Tax Return Form M1
MN Income Tax Return Form M13
MN Income Tax Return Form M14 

These are not the only available forms but the most used.  For all MN income tax forms make sure to use this link – Minnesota Printable Tax Forms Online.

Using Online Resources to Find Tax Help in 2012

Over the last several years millions of Americans have accepted that filing online is much easier than through the mail.  When dealing with the post office many bad things can happen.  Even if the IRS or state government gets your tax returns on time there is still the chance that they might not be able to read them or they could be damaged.  These are issues that do not come into play when submitting a tax form online.  Once you hit the submit button on the IRS.gov page or the taxes.state.mn.us page there is very little that could go wrong.

There is the possibility that you could lose your internet connection during that split second but that would really be the only bad thing to happen.  Even if that did happen all would not be lost as you have the ability to save your tax forms when going through the process.  I would strongly suggest that you save your work every 10 to 15 minutes as you never know what might happen.  It would be terrible to lose all of that work without saving.  That being said, at least there is a save option.  This is not the case when the postal service loses your tax forms.

Here are a few tax help resources that should help with the filing process in April of 2012:

Here are the local office locations in Minnesota from IRS.gov

St Cloud
St Paul

These are just a few of the many resources that can be found with a quick Google Search.  Make sure to do extensive research before hitting the submit button or mailing tax forms this year.  You will be surprised to find that there are hundreds and thousands of websites created to help your specific situation.  I would suggest being as specific as possible in the Google search as this will help to narrow down some of the local options when it comes to tax help or tax preparatin in April of 2012.

Tax Deadline Extended to April 17th in 2012

This year is very unique as April 15th falls on a Sunday.  The following Monday is a government and state holiday so taxpayers will have until the following Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 to submit their income tax forms.  Although there are two extra days to file taxes this year it is still wise to get started a little bit early.  With just over one week to go to file taxes now is as good of a time as ever to start.  There are many great tax preparation software websites that can help you get started quickly.  I recently came up with this long list of tax preparers that are supported by the IRS.  Some of the most common names you will see and hear are:

  • Turbo Tax
  • H&R Block
  • TaxAct
  • TaxSlayer
  • Liberty Tax
  • 1040.com
  • exTaxReturn.com

Note that this is just the start of the list that is provided on the IRS.gov page.  When looking to do extensive research on all options I would suggest taking several hours to scour IRS.gov.  If you are very tight on time then I would bookmark some of the more important pages to read after you have filed taxes in 2012.  Educating yourself for next years tax season could help you save quite a bit of time and money.  Rather than simply giving up and hitting the submit button each year it might be a wise choice to read a few new articles every once in awhile.  The IRS.gov website updates almost each and every day so there is no reason to think that there will be no new reading material.

Accountants and Recent Graduates in Minnesota

When looking for tax help in the state of Minnesota most will look for certified professional accountants (CPAs) but it might be a good idea to check out some of the local recent graduates as well.  There are many great accounting schools and universities in the state of Minnesota and these institutions produce some very thorough accountants.  Some of the more recent grads may not have a huge client list yet so you could get in at an affordable price.  Check and see if there are any juniors or seniors that would be willing to help as we get closer to April 17th, 2012.  Remember that most college students will not be a CPA but they can help.  I would suggest having a professor or doctor look over the forms if you are using the assistance of a college student.

Here are some of the major colleges and universities in Minnesota that offer an accounting degree:

These are not all the colleges and universities that offer degrees in accounting but it is a good place to start looking.  When working with an accountant it never hurts to do a little bit of research.  If the accountant is unwilling to tell you where he or she got their degree then you might want to consider other options.  There are thousands of accountants in Minnesota so do not feel as if the field is limited.

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