South Carolina Printable Individual Income Tax Return Form SC1040 PDF File

April 10, 2012

With less than one full week to file both state and federal income taxes now is the time to get started.  Residents in South Carolina will likely seek the printable individual income tax return form SC1040 PDF file.  This is the most commonly used form for taxpayers in the southern Carolina state.  For all forms that are needed to file Federal income taxes bookmark the following page: Federal IRS Tax Forms.

Here are the most commonly downloaded forms for South Carolina citizens:

SC1040 Printable Tax Form
SC1040TC Printable Tax Form
SC1040X Printable Tax Form
SC1040ES Printable Tax Form 

For a list of all the 2011 income tax forms available on make sure to check out this link.

Online Tax Filing Options in 2012

It is hard to believe that the majority of taxpayers now file online rather than through the mail.  Most of us can remember growing up and watching our parents work diligently on a tax form only to make a mistake and have to start over completely.  This is no longer the case as taxpayers will be able to start and stop at their discretion through online resources.  The save feature has truly revolutionized filing taxes.  I would advise all taxpayers to save at least once every 10 minutes.  You do not want to work on a form for hours only to find that your Internet connection has gone down.

Here are a few links that should help South Carolina residents find more information on the online eFile process in April of 2012:

Most of the eFiling options are completely free for those who earned under $57,000 last year.  If your adjusted gross income (AGI) was over $57,000 then you will likely have to pay for tax preparation services online.  If you are very smart with your money and a numbers cruncher then you can always file your taxes independently for free.  I would only suggest doing this if you are completely confident in your ability to file the correct forms with the correct numbers.  The lines of code have changed over the years so you may want to read up on the changes before filing by yourself.  It might be worth it to simply pay an accountant $100 or a tax preparation software company $50 to complete the forms in a much more efficient manner.

Tax Deadline Extension to April 17th, 2012

Most people think about the tax deadline as a set in stone date of April 15th.  This is not the case in 2012 as April 15th will be on a Sunday and Federal and State income taxes are never due on a weekend.  The following Monday is a government holiday which means that taxpayers will have two extra days to file taxes in 2012.  This is great news for those who have waited until the last minute.  This can also be bad news as it will allow Americans the chance to procrastinate even longer.  Rather than waiting until Sunday or Monday it would be very smart to get started with taxes today.

Even if you only do 10 or 15 minutes a night it will still be much better than trying to do them all at once on Tuesday.  This will greatly reduce the stress load and it will make you a much happier person.  Even if you are paying into the state or federal government it is still well worth it to do so a little bit early.  If you wait until the last minute many bad things can happen.  Here are a few resources I found to help you reduce the stresses of tax season:

These are all very valuable resources that should help you alleviate any major stresses this tax season.  One thing is common with every single article – don’t wait until the last minute and remain unorganized.  By having some type of organization and starting a little bit early you will find that stress levels are almost completely gone.  Get started today and enjoy a stress free tax week next week.

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