Craigslist Winnfield Louisiana – Used Cars and Trucks Include Honda Civic For Sale by Owner

July 2, 2012

With many people in the state of Louisiana struggling to make ends meet in terms of finances it should come as no surprise that some are looking for ways to save cash.  When looking for the lowest car prices most will seek used cars for sale by owner.  Craigslist Winnfield Louisiana has been a popular search over the last few years as people near Monroe, Ruston, Jonesboro, Ball, Alexandria, Simpson and Natchitoches are looking for cheap used cars for sale on Craigslist.  For more on low prices on vehicles with zero tax on Craigslist make sure to check out this link: Craigslist Cars.

Finding Used Cars and Trucks for Sale by Owner in Louisiana

It is very important to recognize there is no subdomain for Winnfield when it comes to Craigslist.  Most people will find Central LA ( or Monroe to have the most listings for this particular area.  Just because there is no specific subdomain it does not mean that individuals in the area have not created Craigslist used car for sale listings.  It might be a little bit harder to find listings but with a little bit of research you will be surprised at home many options there are.

One of the most popular vehicles sold on Craigslist is the Honda Civic.  Here are a few listings that I found on the Monroe website for a Honda Civic in July 2012:

  • 2002 Honda Civic EX Show Car – $4500
  • 1999 Honda Civic – $2500
  • 97 Honda Civic 4DR For Sale! – $3000
  • 94′ Honda Civic – $1500

Remember that these classified listings will not last forever. In fact, most people who list a vehicle on Craigslist find there is a ton of activity very early after the posting. With this in mind it might be smart to jump on some of the better offers.

Saving Money with Cash for a Craigslist Car

Some people will seek low credit score unsecured personal loans to make a car or vehicle purchase but this might be a bad idea.  Rather than borrowing money for a Craigslist used car I would strongly suggest saving up cash.  Cash is king on Craigslist and it will help you negotiate much lower prices on a new or used car.  Having no cash can make it quite difficult to lock in prices below $2000 or $1000 on Craigslist in 2012.  With this in mind, it might be smart to start saving up right now.  Before you know it you could have the money to make a major vehicle purchase.

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